Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I've found...

Here are some thoughts about work flow in the current SVN of Blender 2.5.

Skeleton Sketching | Constraining the sketch to a volume's centre requires CTRL held which is not explained at all clearly.

Weight Painting | Need to be able to convert mapping data to vertex data. Noise maps baked into verts of weights painted in grey scale in Photoshop (or gimp :)) to be applied and converted to weights.

Particle System | A particle system can be re-named but the name is not reflected in the modifier stack.

Preferences | Default preferences more consistent with 3rd party apps. Turntable VS Trackball for example. Another example is having to select UV over generated every time you add a bitmap to a material. If a UV exists, it should be the preferred mapping system.

Paint modes | On selection of a texture, the brush button under the texture tab should be on automatically. Brush selection on the left tool panel should sync with the texture panel on the right.

Rendering | Cannot set up a BG image in a render without post compositing it. Makes it difficult to set up a Bg to reflect into materials.

Viewport | Cannot hide the grid in non perspective views.

Materials | There is an 'add material' + button but not an 'add texture' + button.

Materials | Multiple materials (and textures) create a scroll bar but there is no way to resize the window to show all.

Materials | Animated textures don't automatically set themselves to the full frame range of the incoming clip.

Nodes | A check box to turn off colour management in the node view is needed when working in a colour managed scene. Otherwise the materials are hard to see.

Graph editor | Need to be able to drag on and off channels (the same functionality as the 'show/hide layers with a mouse drag' in Photoshop.) There is too much data to spend the time clicking on and off each lock or eyeball individually.

Sequencer | Proxy file paths are currently stored with each clip which can be painful if you have many clips to import and work with. A global proxy path would be far superior.


  1. Regarding the graph editor, there is the arrow icon in the toolbar that allows you to only see the curves of the currently selected object or bone. I agree that it could be all be done in a better way, however.

    (It would also be nice to be able to reorder and group the channels - once again, just like photoshop layers)

  2. Other handy option is the "v" short-cut that lets you "hide every curve but selected"!

    First time I see your blog Glenn, and love the work you're doing! Hope you find the time to finish the project!